Testing & Commissioning

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We offer the following Installation, Testing & Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance  for LV to EHV Substations and Power stations equipments Services up to 400 kV Substations.

Maintenance covers preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, condition based maintenance, and reliability centered maintenance and reporting of troubleshooting of all kinds of electrical issues covering existing process plants, substations, power and desalination plants.

  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of Power equipment such as Power Transformers
    1. Auxiliary and Distribution Transformers
    2. Switchgears
    3. Ring Main Units (RMU)
    4. LV switch boards
    5. Reactors
    6. Capacitor Banks
    7. Feeder Pillars/Service Turrets
    8. Generators
    9. Motors
  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning Operation and Maintenance of Switchgear components such as
    1. Circuit Breakers
    2. Isolators/Earthing Switches
    3. Current Transformers
    4. Voltage Transformers
  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning, Maintenance of protection relays such
    1. Electromagnetic Relays
    2. Static Relays
    3. Numerical Relays
    4. Bay Control Units (BCU’s)
    5. Bay Control and Protection Units (BCPU’s)
  • Fault monitoring system
  • Control and protection schemes
  • Automatic voltage regulto
  • Substation Automation and Control System
  • Battery bank and charger
  • UPS
  • Power and control cable
  • Fibre and pilot cables
  • Earthing system and soil resistivity
  • Auto recloser
  • Sectionalizer
  • Optic fiber cable splicing, Jointing & Testing.
  • Transformer Repair and Service.