System Studies

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  • Load Flow Studies
  • Short Circuit Calculation
  • Reliability Studies
  • Relay Setting Calculations covering
    1. Grading Coordination for Over Current, Earth Fault , Stand-by Earth Fault and Sensitive Earth Fault
    2. Grading coordination for HV and LV fuses, MCB,MCCB, Auto- recloser, Sectionalizer and Upstream Protection System
    3. Distance Protection
    4. Differential Protection for Transformer, Cable, OHL, and Bus Bar
    5. Pilot Wire Protection,
    6. Restricted Earth Fault (REF)
    7. Capacitor Bank Protection
    8. Automatic Voltage Regulator
    9. Under Voltage/Over Voltage
    10. Under /Over Frequency
    11. Over Flux
  • Generator Protection studies
  • Parameterization and Configuration of All Protection Relays
  • Analysis of Faults and System Disturbances
  • OHL Sag Calculations
  • System Study Reports