Contracts Management

We offer the following contract management services for all types of electrical and mechanical projects:

  1. Review of Scope of Work
  2. Review of Terms of Contract
  3. Schedule Planning and Preparation
  4. Schedule Supervision and Follow-up of Mile-stones
  5. Risk Identification and Management
  6. Finalization of Labor Resources and Organization Chart
  7. Material and Labor Management.
  8. Obtaining Quotation and Technical Offers
  9. Finalization of Subcontractors and Vendors
  10. Issue of Purchase Orders and LOI
  11. Management of Cash Flows
  12. BOQ Verification
  13. Raising Invoice and Payment Follow-up
  14. Management of Design
  15. Approval of Drawings
  16. Manufacturing Clearance for Vendors
  17. Management of Site Activities
  18. Change Management
  19. Coordination of Design and Site Activities
  20. Factory Inspection
  21. Arranging Shipment and Dispatch
  22. Receiving Materials
  23. General Inspection and RCDR
  24. Management of Installation of Equipment
  25. Site Inspection
  26. Management of Pre-commissioning and Testing
  27. Commissioning
  28. Obtaining Provisional Acceptance Certificate
  29. Snag Clearance
  30. Warranty Coordination
  31. Obtaining Final Acceptance Certificate
  32. Contract Completion
  33. Release from Contract